revan doodles. he’s awful but i’m gonna ramble lmao. ultra-bishounen-sparkly padawan/young knight in the first image w his ultrabara friend alek dragging him away from some debate. him getting carted over alek’s shoulder was a regular occurrence. fake-revan/”cesimir” looks like a shitbaby nerd because the council thought it would be funny tried to make him look. different uh. thus the stupid mohawk… thing.

big ol facial scar from the explosion when malak bombed his ship. he has a disney villain beard now. also robot limbs from the unknown regions. makes out with carth with his gloves on because he’s a neurotic bastard about touch (thus the 100000 layers of clothing he’s always in) though he’s always been that way

other fun facts; collects maps. thunderstorms give him panic attacks. forgets to eat or sleep for a week regularly. his robolimbs are modeled off hk-47 who is his original baby character do not steal